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“Live life to the fullest and never stop learning!” These simple words describe the underlying incentive to create in Dean Jackson’s life and 38-year career as an artist, designer and furniture craftsman. Pushing the envelope of artistic expression, making things no one has made before and doing it with excellence are his ultimate goals. Imagination and knowledge of the past, combined with curiosity, skill and a desire to personalize, are what define Jackson’s work. Art, design and craftsmanship are subjective categories. Where does art stop and design begin? If a sculpture is functional, is it still art? Can excellent craftsmanship elevate the spirit the same way a beautiful painting can? Jackson’s work is about blurring the traditional borders and utilizing all the elements to create useful objects that are attractive, well made and very unique. A formal education in fine art followed by extensive word travel provided a base for Jackson’s Toronto-based custom furniture business. Designing individual pieces for individual people has become a specialty, with styles ranging from historic to contemporary. Projects include furniture, sculpture, built-ins, wall units, offices and his creative line of custom made AeroPods, AstroPods and DecoPods. His work has been recognized and published in numerous magazines, online reviews and television shows, but for Jackson true success has always been measured by the happiness of his clients.