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AeroPods are a fusion of art, customized furniture and classic automotive design.  They are a series of 49 signed and numbered pieces, no two of which are alike.  Choose a colour and purpose for a truly unique work of functional art for your home, office or commercial space.

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Every AeroPod is meticulously hand-crafted from start to finish and feature:

     -  reinforced epoxy bodywork

     -  custom cast, chrome-plated bronze emblem/door pull

     -  custom "spun" metal chrome-plated bumper-style feet

     -  use of book-matched figured veneers or metal laminates o the interior

     -  highly-polished, multi-step automotive finish

     -  engraved signature plate inlaid into the back of the door

To order an AeroPod, email your colour choice and functional requirements for a no obligation sketch and quotation.  Since they're all made to order, each needs to be priced individually, but most designs run from US$14-19,000.  Secure payments can be made with Paypal, and your order can be shipped worldwide.