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“From the vision of designer Dean Jackson comes a rare edition of 49 very special cabinets. A brainchild that stems from his love of classic automotive design and the choicest materials. Aeropods are exquisitely unique pieces that serve a function and stimulate conversation. Presented in an interior environment, they are a beautiful spectacle to behold, a piece of collectable design furniture. Each Aeropod is a personalized cabinet where no two pieces are alike.”

Because each AeroPod is designed to be special to its owner, it means that not only does the customer get exactly what they want, but they will also have the only one like it in the world. Just as no two people are alike, no two AeroPods are the same either. In the pre-war days, luxury automobiles were “coach-built” in this personalized way, and are quite valuable today because of it. AeroPods are investments that you can enjoy looking at every day, and, like a rare automobile, can only go up in value, especially after the 49th one is complete.