The Astro Pod

For the entertainer.

Bold, unique and eclectic, the AstroPod animates any room with its retro-futuristic styling and presence.  Like the AeroPod, it is a fusion of art and function with attitude to spare.  Most often used as a bar for wine or liquor, it also makes a great dining room server or accent piece for your foyer.

AstroPods are made to order in an infinite selection of colors.  Choose your favorite car color, something that suits your decor, or something that just makes a statement.  All AstroPods feature the following:

- smooth operating solid aluminum tambour doors

- custom fabricated chrome metal base

- tapered chrome legs with leveling feet

- battery-operated led push light to illuminate the interior

- "engine-turned" interior with brushed aluminum top and bottom

- microfiber cleaning cloth

- engraved signature plate

- optional mirrors available upon request

- dimensions 52"High x 40"Long x 20"Deep

Ordering info:

- AstroPod standard model (US$5,000)

- AstroPod with 9-bottle wine attachment (5,800)

- email model and colour preference

- provide receiving address for shipping quote

- all AstroPods are custom made and require a 50% deposit   

-  Paypal or wire transfer accepted

- Balance due prior to shipping

Your AstroPod is guaranteed to arrive safely and free of defects.

Product Image