The Diamond Pod

For the treasurer.

For those with jewelry or small collectable treasures, the Diamond Pod is an elegant lockable chest of removable velvet-lined drawers and trays with dividers. Shown here in sumptuous quarter-matched walnut burl veneer with sapele cross banding, this royal blue version is fitted with eight dovetailed drawers and six removable trays, maximizing its storage and display capability. A unique locking mechanism, totally concealed from the front, operates with your own personal 4-digit code from a remote keypad, ensuring your treasures remain a mystery when you're not around. Though not meant to replace a heavy metal safe for those ultra-valuable items, a Diamond Pod is a stylish and accessible personal organizer that is itself an attractive and valuable collector's item.

All Diamond Pod drawers can be configured you your taste, and, as in other models, veneer combinations can be chosen to compliment the exterior colour.

Product Image