The Enzo Pod

For the collector of fine watches.

For the watch collector with a taste for fast cars, this is your Aeropod. Essentially a Timeless Pod with a Ferrari theme, the “Enzo” dazzles with its bright red finish and sporty metallic interior. It illustrates how Aeropods can be dedicated to a specific make or model of classic automobile, inside and out, according to your preference. Shown here with four high quality winders and a battery-operated clock, the “Enzo” also boasts two leather-lined drawers and a soft led light that activates upon opening the door. Each winder has programmable settings for direction and number of rotations per day, along with a delay start feature and a chrome bezel to frame each valuable timepiece. It also has a patented Wolf Designs clip-on system so your valuable timepieces can’t fall out.

As in all Aeropods, locking systems are available to secure your collection and authentic automotive colours can be matched for a very inspiring piece.

Product Image