Sweet Ride

With its sparkling surfaces and flashing lights, this Ferrari-inspired AeroPod dazzles with the colour and motion of a nostalgic arcade game. Designed with the fun-seeking candy lover in mind, this “machine” not only dispenses gumballs, it allows you to actually choose your favourite flavour, so you get what you want every time.
It was the anonymous client’s request that I design a gumball machine inside a Ferrari red AeroPod, so I had to start from scratch and think about what would make the experience of obtaining a gumball enjoyable and entertaining.

The “Sweet Ride” gumball machine is innovative in many ways. All mechanical parts are 100 percent handmade and repeatedly tested for reliability. The ball-selector mechanism in particular took weeks of prototype development and is hand-carved from solid maple, fitted with a stainless steel paddle and polished to perfection. The system of three separate tracks was formed and delicately welded from lengths of 1/8" stainless steel rod, while authentic shallow-dome lenses and chrome bezels were used to complete the sporty “engine-turned” dash. It was an artistic challenge that I welcomed and couldn’t be happier with the results.