Personalized Furniture

There are plenty of reasons to own a piece of personalized furniture. For one, you get exactly what you want in both design and utility, with no need to compromise. Perhaps you need something to store a unique item or collection or have an unusual space to deal with. Maybe you need to match another piece or want a built-in family room entertainment centre to suit the architectural style of your home. Personalized means made specifically for you, so it fits like a finely tailored suit.
Having furniture made also means you’re not limited to the material choices of large manufacturers, who often disguise cheaper woods to look like something else. Personalized furniture is made by a craftsman who takes pride in his/her work and pays attention to every detail from the first cut to the final finish, so you know your piece will last for generations rather than end up on the curb in five years.

This gallery represents a tiny fraction of the furniture I’ve designed and built over the years. You will note that each piece has a unique style and story because each client has different tastes and requirements. With each project, I have sought to combine my background in art, a designer’s love of problem-solving and the skill of a lifelong craftsman to make something very special for my clients.

How To Order

Call or email to explain your project and we’ll arrange a time for a site visit to discuss your needs in more detail and take measurements.

Drawings are free as long as you proceed with my proposals, otherwise, you can anticipate a design fee of $200-$500 depending on the complexity of the project. If you accept my proposal I will ask for a deposit with the balance due upon completion. It’s a standard process that I make as pleasant as possible at every stage.