“How Did You Ever Come Up With That Idea?”

Art and Design shows have been a great method of promoting AeroPods over the years. Reaction is always positive, especially when people experience the surprise of opening one. My guest book is filled with encouraging comments that confirm I’m on the right track, and I always look forward to meeting interested people and explaining how the personalized concept works. Inevitably, the engaged visitor asks: “How did you ever come up with that idea?”

DeanPODs red closed 3

Briefly, back in 2002, after 20 years of making custom furniture in every imaginable style, it occurred to me that I should develop a signature piece that was unlike anything that the market had ever seen before. My enthusiasm spiked after attending a classic car auction and thinking how wonderful and original it would be to create a piece that reflected the beauty and sensuality of automobiles from the past. The chrome, bright colours and rocket forms presented the unique design vocabulary I was looking for to create a new and exciting style of furniture. It was the catalyst that changed the focus of my career.

A year later, after extensive sketching and experimentation with new materials and techniques, the first Ferrari red AeroPod became a reality. The seed of automotive inspiration had germinated into a new kind of art that presented infinite possibilities. For several years I developed different interiors for different personalities. A liquor cabinet came first, followed by a humidor, jewellery cabinet and wine caddy. After challenging myself to make one into a waterfall, I realized that pretty much anything could be made to fit inside an AeroPod.

My original idea was to offer specific models, colours and interior finishes to choose from based on the prototypes I had made, but the artist in me prefers a challenge, and together with my experience as a custom furniture maker, I opted instead for the limited edition of unique pieces concept borrowed from the fabled and immensely valuable collection of 49 Fabergé eggs from the Nineteenth Century. Forty-nine was just the right number; enough to become well known but not too many to flood the market – perfect for AeroPods.

So the AeroPod of today is actually an idea that has evolved over the past sixteen years and continues to challenge me with every new piece. It represents the pinnacle of my skill as an artist, designer and craftsman, and is something that I am very proud to sign my name to.