The DecoPod is Born

In 2006 it was time to complete Pod collection as the trio it had always meant to be.  Having participated in many art and design shows in Toronto and New York, I had the benefit of extensive feedback on the AeroPod and AstroPod to draw on.  Manhattan dwellers loved both models, but lacked the space in their small apartments for either.  One potential customer in particular was ready to commission a royal blue AeroPod for his cufflink collection, but later declined after measuring his available space and concluding it would be too tight to appreciate it properly.  The next pod creation had to be smaller and more compact.

My solution was to eliminate the requirement for floor space altogether by hanging it on the wall.  There would now be a pod for everyone, and if I could make it at a lower price point, even better.  I would resolve the design part by going back to classic cars for inspiration so that the collection would remain cohesive.

I knew that whatever I came up with had to be low profile so as not to protrude from the wall too much, but also had to serve a function, preferably in a way that allowed for different uses.  I have always loved the stylish automotive designs from the 30’s, with their streamlined shapes and luxurious “Great Gatsby” details.  An elegant feature of many of these cars is a covered rear wheel fender, which I thought would make a great compact bar if the cover part could fold down into a tray.  I could make it with a similar airflow shape and call it a DecoPod after the Art Deco period which inspired it.

Six months of prototyping later I had my first working model, which I then used to perfect the wall-mounting and soft opening mechanisms.  To prevent anything from accidentally falling off the tray, I cut a recess in it and lined it with a soft leatherette surface.  Like the AeroPod and AstroPod, it can be personalized with the owner’s favourite colour.  I had sized it to fit four or five bottles and some glasses, but soon realized there were many other uses for a DecoPod, such as a display cabinet for special collectables, perfumes, keys,  makeup, etc.  It was just the kind of versatile functional sculpture I was looking for, and makes a great addition to the Pod collection.

DecoGray1 copy smaller

DecoRedopen1 copy smaller