Considered by many to be the most beautiful airliner ever made, the Lockheed Constellation is the focus of AeroPod # 22.  The “Connie”, as it was affectionately known, began production in 1943 at the request of Howard Hughes for TWA Airlines.  It was the first pressurized commercial aircraft, meaning that it could fly higher and faster than any of its competitors at the time.  Its golden years were the 50s and 60’s when major airlines all over the world flew passengers in comfort and style.  For this liquor/humidor pod I have referenced many of the details that make this aircraft unique and tried to capture its beloved character in an imaginative way.

The “Connie” is perhaps most recognizable by its triple tail design, which is suggested by the three protruding fins on the back of the pod.  The aged aluminum painted finish and simple red stripes are typical of early TWA’s.  The distinctive green colour of the instrument panel was reproduced as closely as possible from original photos, as were the period gauges, indicator lights, switches and controls.  From the outside, it’s a sculptural tribute to a well-loved aircraft, but, as with other AeroPods, there are a few pleasant surprises inside.

A pull on the Instrument Static lever draws out the “Black Box” flight recorder, which itself opens into a Spanish cedar humidor for cigars.  Poke the top indicator light and the instrument panel gently lowers on a piston, creating a serving tray for the select liquor collection stored within.  Finished inside in brushed gold and mahogany, the warm tones are typical of the Constellation’s cabin décor back in the 50’s.  There is a recessed, circular pad on the tray, lined with genuine leather, along with a matching mirror on the back of the cabinet reminiscent of the round windows found on early Connies.  And, of course, there is a “cabin light” that comes on as the tray is lowered, illuminating the interior with a soft, golden glow and inviting reflection on the luxurious experience of early air travel.