For the second Gumball Pod I was asked to instill a nautical theme with specific reference to the classic Riva Aquarama speedboat that was dear to my client. All the successful features of the first machine were augmented with intricate wood veneer work on the interior and key design features borrowed from the iconic Italian watercraft.

Though it functions much like the Ferrari gumball pod, there were many firsts on the “Riva” that set it apart. At the client’s request, a remote lock was installed and concealed within a chrome shroud to maintain a clean aesthetic. He also asked that it be secured to its base to eliminate the possibility of sliding off its stand, so I discreetly bolted the pod to its mirror base through the four feet, a feature I will no doubt use again in future pods.

Classic Rivas are typically white with a turquoise stripe below the waterline. I chose to one-up that with a three-stage white pearl finish along with a metallic blue stripe along the bottom for a little extra shimmer and pizzazz. I also hand-painted the nickname “Lulu” on the back in gold leaf, like you would see on the stern of a boat, as a further way of personalizing this special AeroPod for my client. Placed on top of its mahogany stand, the nautical theme is unmistakable.

Other details worth noting are the lathe-turned ivory-substitute crank knobs, made specifically to match those found on the Riva instrument panel, and an array of flashing blue and white lights that animate the interior like an classic arcade game. All in all, a dedicated and personalized work of functional art like no other and a fitting tribute to the Riva Aquarama.